Gas Circle

On the technology of current interruption with SF6 and other gases in transmission and distribution systems.

Current Chairman of the Gas Circle

Chair: Dr. Martin Seeger (Hitachi ABB, Switzerland)

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Published CIGRE reference paper on SF6 alternative gases related to current interruption: M. Seeger, R. Smeets, J. Yan, H. Ito, M. Claessens, E. Dullni, C. M. Franck, F. Gentils, W. Hartmann, Y. Kieffel, S. Jia, G. Jones, J. Mantilla, S. Pawar, M. Rabie, P. Robin-Jouan, H. Schellekens, J. Spencer, T. Uchii, X. Li and S. Yanabu
“Recent development and interrupting performance with SF6 alternative gases”, Electra, No. 291, April 2017, 26-29, 2017


Various meetings coinciding with other relevant conferences

“Joint Circle” meeting of the Current Zero Club.
Sept 5-10, 2010 Greifswal, Germany “Gas Circle” meeting Chaired by Martin Seeger titled: “Switching in SF6 and its Future”